Social Media Ads Management - 3 Months

Take a 3-month break from creating ads!

Got a busy few months ahead and need to make your to-do-list a light lighter? Hand over the keys to your Facebook Ads Manager and let me set-up, manage and optimize your ads while you concentrate on things you cannot easily outsource!

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3 months of Social Media Advertising Management

Looking ahead and find yourself saying 'I don't know how I'm going to do it all?' OR maybe you are sick of managing your Facebook ads and want to spend your time focusing on aspects of your business that you cannot easily outsource. My 3 month Social Media Advertising Package will help you get back some precious time and take one item off your jam-packed to-do-list! This package is also great for those who wish to test out the power of Facebook & Instagram advertising. What does this package involve? Keep reading...

  1. First, you will need to complete a very easy online form, the information that you will provide will help me understand your business, your current advertising techniques, and routines and your expectations for the future.

  2. Follow-up emails &/calls to tackle your questions about social media advertising, dive into your page set-up and analytics and discuss your upcoming campaign

  3. Each month I will use your eye-catching business imagery to create, optimize one campaign. Behind the Facebook and Instagram feed, I (not a robot) will be analyzing stats, tweaking and refining your campaign ads so that your ad spend is maximized and your campaign is being served to the right audience who are likely to engage with what you have to offer.

  4. After each campaign, I will send you a report of ad performance and follow up with an email &/or phone call to go through any questions you may have.

I have a few value-adds to offer... 

  • Assistance with Pixel implementation (if needed)

  • Split testing, AND

  • Setting up custom audiences.

​​Your investment: two payments of $825

**Only 2 spots available every month**​

Sound good but want to learn more? No problems at all, simply get in touch and we can take things from there. 

Facebook has an extraordinary....

Facebook has an extraordinary user base, which means a big potential audience for your business. The ability to access paid advertising that can target by granular demographic segmentation is a big plus !

Don’t waste another moment running sub-par ads, or no ads at all! 3 months of stress-free Facebook ads management is only a click away.


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