Offline Advertising: TV, OOH, Print, PR.

Not keen on working with a big agency but still keen to get the word out in a big and bold way? I have just the connections to help you!

One of the many benefits of being on the other side of 30 is I have a very extensive little 'black book' of media connections, most of whom I call friends. They are dedicated experts in their respected fields and will treat you and your business like royalty.

Fact is, you do not have to align yourself with a BIG agency to run an effective 'traditional advertising' campaign, you just need to work with the right people who are just as invested in your business as you are.

If you wish to explore the world of TV, Print (magazines, metro and regional newspapers), PR and OOH (billboards, street furniture, airport) the sky is the limit...although saying that if you have the budget I'd love to assist with your 'pie in the sky' dreams. 

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